Its that time of year again, E3 is just around the corner and we’re all dying to know what the biggest game developers are cooking up for us. In this discussion I’m going to attempt to predict 10 things I think are likely to happen at E3. Keep in mind, these are PREDICTIONS, not what I actually want (although I do want some of them).

I don’t necessarily think all of them are going to happen for sure, and I’m going to do this in order of least to most likely in my personal opinion. Also, this will not be exclusively Nintendo, either. Lastly, I won’t mentioned things that are already confirmed to happen, such as Star Fox Wii U’s official unveiling and SMT X Fire Emblem, or things that have already been announced, such as Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games, which is more than likely going to be there in some form.

With that, let’s get started.


Banjo-Threeie announced by Microsoft and Rare. It just seems like a given that a new Banjo-Kazooie game is in development right now, there’s been talks and teases all over the place about Rare doing a classic Rare IP, that tech demo featuring Banjo-Kazooie that came out recently, and Phil Spencer’s statements on the subject. I’d be shocked if a new Banjo-Kazooie platformer is not announced. It may not necessarily be called Banjo-Threeie, but it will be effectively be Banjo-Threeie, as opposed to Nuts and Bolts being something completely different.


Square Enix has stated that they’ve got a new unannounced surprise console RPG game in the works that will be shown off at E3. I would’ve said this was Star Ocean, but Star Ocean is only published by Square Enix, Tri-Ace makes the games. Plus, that was already announced, and I’m ecstatic for this fifth Star Ocean title.

Regardless, what else could they do for a new console RPG? I am assuming this is NOT Final Fantasy Type-0 2, as that’s basically already confirmed. It also can’t be Kingdom Hearts 3 because that’s already announced as well. Final Fantasy XVI? Sorry, we haven’t even gotten XV yet. It could just be a new IP, but if its a legitimate surprise like they claim it is, I honestly think it could be a revival of a classic franchise. Now, there are three franchises I have in mind of what it could be. Again, it could just as easily be a new IP, but let’s think about the possibilities for a moment.

If it is a revival, a new Chrono game would be extremely popular. There’s still a lot of room to expand the series into a third game, likely focusing on Schala this time, or perhaps a new character who meets up with Schala, and will revolve around the unresolved storyline with Magus as well. Potentially it could also involve Lavos trying to resurrect itself again, or maybe a new Lavos spawn appears from outer space. Either way, I can see plenty of potential to focus on a more modern-day or even futuristic setting. Maybe they can even finally restore the Kingdom of Guardia. Dalton would likely be the main human antagonist.

Another option is a new Mana game. Granted, this franchise has been getting new games for some time ever since the World of Mana, but the main game, Dawn of Mana, was not very well received, and most recent games have been Mobile. A proper continuation to the main series Mana games would be amazing, and I’d really love to see it.

Even less likely, but what I’m hoping for most of all–a new Lufia game. The Lufia franchise has had a mixed past, but I’d love to see what Square Enix could do with the series if they bring back the franchise’s original gameplay. I also noticed that a Natsume employee remarked that this year is going to be really big for Natsume, and Natsume has published the Lufia games in the west. Its a huge stretch to suggest we could finally get Lufia IV, but I’d love it if it did.

Though honestly, I really like the idea of making Lufia herself the main protagonist in a new game–since, well, she’s basically guaranteed to appear, just not necessarily with the same name. And yes, Lufia is owned by Square Enix now; they bought out Taito several years back and even had Neverland produce Curse of the Sinistrals, a decent remake of Lufia II, but which really should not have dropped the classic turn-based gameplay.


Golden Sun 4 may be teased. I’m fully confident that Golden Sun 4 is in development. Whether its long enough now for Camelot to tease it is a question. I definitely think its being worked on, though, because the timing is too perfect. Next year is Golden Sun’s 15th anniversary and its Camelot’s 20th anniversary this year. They have stated they can’t develop HD games, and they’ve already done Mario Golf and Mario Tennis on 3DS. I have no doubt they’ve already talked about how they would do a fourth Golden Sun, they just haven’t had the opportunity to develop it… until now. They’re definitely working on something, unless they’re dead. And if they were dead we would’ve known about it.

I’m not fully confident it will be announced at E3, but I do think its happening either way.


A new Metroid, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, or Paper Mario game will NOT be announced. These are very common suggestions for Nintendo, and I think all of them are iffy at best. For Metroid, the best I can see happening is it getting the Star Fox treatment from last year where we get a vague tease that its coming. Retro in an interview stated they were interested in doing the Metroid series again, but for now were more focused on other things. That really does indicate that they aren’t working on Metroid at all right now.

Next Level Games is probably the best hope of a new Metroid game, but they’re working on a Wii U title, and they did develop Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged. Frankly, with a lack of sports titles on the Wii U, I think this is far more likely than them developing a Wii U Metroid title, either this or Punch Out!! The main reasoning for me to suggest that Metroid isn’t happening are the statements made last year that Nintendo are still trying to determine where to take the series moving forward, which really tells me that Other M messed up the franchise more than people realize, and Nintendo simply don’t know where to go next. And frankly, I don’t blame them. You can’t constantly have Metroids being cloned and Ridley escaping death, can you?

F-Zero is pretty obvious after Miyamoto’s previous comments. The remaining two are simply a matter of the development teams that do those franchising not having enough time to have worked on them. The Animal Crossing team is currently working on Happy Home Designer, and they only just finished Splatoon, and even then, they’re still developing new things for Splatoon later. Perhaps they started Animal Crossing Wii U just after Splatoon launched, but that’s not enough time to have anything to show off.

Lastly, Paper Mario… Paper Mario has one game per generation. I know Sticker Star sucked, and Intelligent Systems are great at doing a lot of things at once, but this is just too much. They just released Code Name: STEAM a couple months ago in Japan and the US and late last month in Europe. Fire Emblem If launches in Japan at the end of this month, and not until 2016 in the rest of the world. Plus, although they’re not primary developers on SMT X FE, they are still helping to work on that game. Intelligent Systems simply has WAY too many things going on right now to do Paper Mario. And no, Fire Emblem If is NOT an easy game, they’ve put SO much work into this game. Its a massive, massive game; its two games in one, really.

Of these, Metroid is the most likely, as there’s nothing really going against its announcement except for the statement last year. I mostly just think its too soon after that statement by Nintendo to get a new Metroid game, because the implication is that they hadn’t even put a new game in development. However, its possible, but again, I think a teaser is more likely than a full announcement.

While on the same topic, different company, I also believe SEGA will not announce the next main Sonic game yet. I have a feeling that won’t be announced until next year. Sonic Mach 2 may potentially be announced, but it won’t be a main game.


Mother 3D will be announced, with an actual localization. With all of the Mother 3 teasing, and the comments about more 3DS remakes being on the way, Mother just seems like the most logical choice. I would’ve said Donkey Kong 64 3D, but DK64 is now on Virtual Console, so with that hurdle out of the way, there’s not many other games I can think of that would need a remake, but there’s supposed to be multiple games coming. Mother 3 fits the bill perfectly. Plus, Lucas is releasing¬† for Smash right before E3 starts.


Kingdom Hearts 3 will get its first official trailer and Final Fantasy XV’s release date will be announced. Its been two years since the game was officially announced to be in development; they should be more than well on their way to having a lot of the game done and ready to show off. I believe there was also a tease at Kingdom Hearts 3 early this year as well, so I definitely think this game will get its time in the spotlight at last.

I combined these because these two are kinda mutually exclusive. Both were originally developed by Tetsuya Nomura before Nomura was taken off of XV to work on KH3, and we were kinda waiting for XV to launch before KH3 was even started. XV is very close to completion, and I think its likely to be launching this year.

NOTE: I have since found out that Final Fantasy XV is skipping E3 and will be at Gamescom instead.


A new Techmo Koei Nintendo crossover will be announced. Hyrule Warriors was extremely successful, I think its only logical that they’ll continue the trend. They even confirmed a new crossover is in the works; personally, since they announced this at the same time they reiterated Hyrule Warriors’ success, I think it will be a new Nintendo crossover. I think its also -possible- we could see a full Hyrule Warriors DLC expansion, as opposed to the simpler packs released prior. That obviously I don’t think is a guarantee, but I think its certainly a possibility. A Hyrule Warriors expansion could even be used to tie into and tease Zelda Wii U.


Tales of Zestiria’s western release date will be announced alongside a PS4 release. Frankly, I think this is pretty much a given. We know its coming out in the west this year, E3 is probably the only time they’ll have to announce the release date. I also think its plausible that there could be some changes in the western release, such as the Alicia bonus quest being made available on-disc. Tales Fest even announced a new anime, and a new character is featured in here; perhaps this character could be added to an updated release, and allow Alicia to rejoin in the main game.


Diddy Kong Racing for Wii U will be officially announced. You didn’t think this wouldn’t be on here, did you? I really, REALLY think Diddy Kong Racing is happening, and I also believe it will be Nintendo’s big Christmas title this year. You do realize the original Diddy Kong Racing outsold Donkey Kong 64 by a fair margin, don’t you? And believe it or not, Donkey Kong 64 outsold both Banjo games. If they take it up a notch and seriously differentiate it from Mario Kart, expand it to feature most of the Kongs and bring back the Kremlings, plus potentially add in other Nintendo properties into the mix, I’d say it’d be a sure seller. Maybe not as good as Mario Kart 8, but definitely good enough for a Holiday title.

That said, I am 50/50 on Retro announcing their new title. I think its likely it could happen, but they might just settle on Diddy Kong Racing instead, which (if it is in development) has been in development for several years alongside Tropical Freeze.


Remember, I said E3 predictions, not specifically games that will announced.

Ryu and Wolf announced as Smash Bros. DLC, along with stage DLC and another newcomer DLC character. And yes, I did say NEWCOMER. Not Roy; I think Roy will be announced later. If its anyone, K. Rool is probably the most likely, but I’ll leave it open to any newcomer, but I think there will be a Nintendo newcomer announced. As for Wolf, Star Fox Wii U will be at E3, and Wolf will most likely be in it. I’d say its fair that Wolf is extremely likely to appear as Smash DLC, and E3 is the perfect time to announce it.

I also think we could possibly get the announcement of a new tie-in game to Ryu’s announcement. Either a Nintendo-Capcom crossover, or perhaps just a Nintendo fighting game based on the Street Fighter formula, such as Street Fighter X Super Smash Bros. Smash is great, but its not the same as traditional fighting games, and I really think there’s a specific reason Ryu is apparently coming to Smash; so I think we’re getting a new game by Capcom. I really, really like the idea of a Nintendo vs. Capcom game, or perhaps Street Fighter X Super Smash Bros., either one would be great.

NOTE: Not a day later and it was announced that Sakurai will be doing a separate Smash Bros. event on the 14th, the same day Lucas releases. It will be about 20 minutes long, so yeah… I think there’s definitely a lot of info coming out. We’ll probably get the Tournament mode, stage DLC, and a couple of characters.


Well then, that’s it for this prediction… countdown… whatever. Technically it could count as my first countdown, I suppose, even though its not fancy like other countdowns. Its going to be quickly debunked because E3 is in just over a week, so I’ll see how things matched up to my own predictions. If you liked this discussion leave a comment, like, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. And stay tuned for more discussions on upcoming games.

NOTE: I recorded this one, but didn’t have time to finish it up. So I just released this as a blog entry instead.


Retro Studios on Tropical Freeze, Metroid: