JaidynReiman Gaming is a site just devoted to general gaming discussions. I’ll be chatting about my favorite games, posting up synopses’ of my Youtube videos and sharing them, and just having a good time discussing and promoting my favorite games, mostly Nintendo with a few other games mixed in as well. JaidynReiman Gaming was formerly known as The Shadow Realm.

In the past when it was it was simply known as The Shadow Realm, it was merely a Sonic the Hedgehog fansite. Even in its earliest stages I always simply wanted to talk about games in general. The new TSR, JaidynReiman Gaming, is a reinvention of that very same idea. In JaidynReiman Gaming, I will merely talk about the latest happens in the gaming world, write articles about the gaming world, and review existing games.

Its entirely just for fun and enjoyment, and is intended as a way to discuss things on our minds about video games. As such, you will generally only see topics pop up that interest me. News about the latest gaming information will come around as I find it, and references will be made to the original provider. I may very well go back to having information on individual games and characters, including Shadow the Hedgehog as well, whom was the focus of the original TSR, but it will likely be a while before it happens.