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JaidynReiman Talks Smash Wii U Leaks & Rumors

Hello again everyone, its JaidynReiman, back after a long delay with a new discussion video. Smash 3DS is out now, we know the final roster of the main game by default, although various rumors have sprung up about the game of late. First of all, I’d like to say that I did have a final […]

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Site Overhaul, Kremling Kampaign

Ok, I’ve completely revamped this site now, and now its officially JaidynReiman Gaming. Here I’ll be discussing general Gaming information, talking about my favorite games, and trying to update weekly with more of my favorite video games and characters. I’ll also provide status updates on games I’m working on and comment on upcoming games. Basically, […]

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Website Updates 10/12/13

So, I updated WordPress to the latest version and updated all my plugins installed as well. I’m currently looking into the possibility of upgrading the theme on this website to use jrBlog. I’m also going to post up a new journal entry here and soon I’m going to try and link this blog up to […]

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Read Only SFBBS

As I have just posted on the SFBBS, I have officially permanently placed the SFBBS in a read only status. The Shadow Realm isn’t going anywhere, and I’ve got plans to keep on updating it, but the SFBBS is really just a nuisance right now. I primarily desired to migrate the SFBBS to PHPBB because […]

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First Article, Pages Added

Well, I’ve now finally written my first TSR article. Let me know what you think. I’ve also got a system in place where I should be able to provide Reviews. I’m going to try that out later. In addition, I created two new pages: What is The Shadow Realm? and History of The Shadow Realm. […]

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