Hello again everyone, its JaidynReiman, back after a long delay with a new discussion video. Smash 3DS is out now, we know the final roster of the main game by default, although various rumors have sprung up about the game of late. First of all, I’d like to say that I did have a final prediction roster planned after the leak was confirmed to be legit, but I was too busy with work and didn’t have a chance to get it up before the game’s street date was broken. Just for quick reference, here is my final prediction roster.

Now, let’s put things into perspective. First up, I fail miserably at predicting Sakurai. Sad, but true. I mean, I’m not the only person to predict five more characters, and it was not to be. I did manage to get Ike, Robin, Little Mac, and Mega Man right, but that’s about it. Well, for now, anyway. I certainly do think DLC will be a thing, so I may still get some of my favorites. But as of right now, speculation and predictions are over, I will not do any more prediction videos at all, and I’m kind of tired of predictions and speculation at this point, anyway.

Video Series Plans

I will be starting up two Review series’, though, where I go and do a quick rundown of a game and provide my thoughts on it. This will basically be the Game Playlist series I mentioned a while back, but condensed. And yes, the order will be the same as before, I’m just going to take things easier this time and not do anything fancy or advanced. I’m going to talk about the game and show off some recorded footage in the background. However, that is it, its just going to be quick and simple, so I can get them done quickly rather than stress over getting out something very cool and neat looking.

I will also attempt to start another series where I talk about my favorite game characters, to coincide with this. For the most part, I think I would really like to base the characters on the game I talked about in the respective Game Playlist video, but my first character will be King K. Rool to promote the Kremling Kampaign. That is my exception. Otherwise, I’ll pick my favorite character from each game.

Smashing Leaks

Otherwise guys, right now, there’s been a series of leaks revolving Smash Bros. Well, “leaks” in quotes, naturally we don’t know if any are true or not, but the general consensus is them talking about new characters and features in the Wii U version.

First up, I’m going to bring up the Tower of Smash leak/rumor. The Tower of Smash rumor is the most prevalent one right now. Here’s a snapshot taken of the full rumor. Basically, what the rumor describes is details about a new game mode for Smash Wii U called Tower of Smash, a 100-floor tower filled with characters to fight. You pick four characters from the start, who act as your lives. If you lose all four characters, you must start over, but you can choose to start from every tenth floor if you reached that floor. Each floor has three doors to choose from, and right before every tenth floor, you fight a boss, such as Dynablade.

Accordingly, Tower of Smash replaces both Event Matches and Adventure Mode. And based on the sound of it, it does make sense. The three doors likely are similar to Event Mode in that you must complete a different object. Also, the leaker also states there are 40 new stages on Wii U and 15 returning stages. Plus, there are five new characters who can be transferred to the 3DS version: Ridley, Mewtwo, Dixie Kong, Chorus Kids, and Impa. The leaker did get the release date right, but apparently that release date was popping up elsewhere before the leak was posted up.

Later the same guy also posted a full list of stages. Mario and Kirby both get three new stages, DK, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Pokemon, and Zelda get two new stages, every other franchise gets one new stage, and there’s a few stage-exclusive franchises including Endless Ocean, Nintendo Land, and NES Remix, on top of the ones we already know such as Pilot Wings. One stage listed is called Game & Wario, and on Friday September 26th, Sakurai announced a new stage called “Gamer,” based on the Gamer minigame from Game & Wario.

Its hotly debated whether this means anything for the leak. I, personally, believe it hints against the leak more than anything, because the leaker specifically named the stage as Game & Wario, but the stage is clearly indicated to be called “Gamer” by Sakurai. Granted, it is interesting to note that Wario still hasn’t been officially announced yet. I guess we’ll still have to wait and see if this leak has any merit to it or not.

The Trophy Debate

Another debate is going on right now on whether or not having a trophy in Smash 3DS means a character cannot be DLC. The usual term is “deconfirmed.” However, the argument is flawed. DLC has never happened with Smash before, this is the first time DLC is a valid option, and Sakurai has already patched the 3DS version of the game as well. I personally am of the opinion, and have always been of the opinion, that a trophy does not prevent a character from being a DLC candidate. If a character is anything more than a trophy, though, that is a problem, because that element would have to be removed from the game.

That is why I do not believe Ridley can be a post-Wii DLC character. If he’s not playable when the Wii U version comes out, he’ll be a stage boss, plain and simple. Yes, I advocated for a long time I thought Ridley would be playable, because I don’t believe Sakurai is stupid. The way Ridley was handled, if he is a stage boss, is stupid. That’s all there is to it. And Ridley was still clearly player controlled in that video, there’s no way he was a stage boss. Maybe he was teasing Ridley as a stage boss but wanted to force Ridley to do his own thing, but that’s questionable. I do believe something is still up with Ridley, I’m just not sure what anymore.

There is an interesting thing about the trophy list, though. A few high-profile, highly requested characters do not have trophies. Plus another character who just plain shouldn’t have been cut as a trophy or AT, even though he wasn’t nearly as high profile. Isaac from Golden Sun, Ridley from Metroid, Bandana Dee from Kirby, and Ray from Custom Robo are seemingly missing.

Missing in Action

I can see half of these characters potentially justified. Bandana Dee, well, I don’t really think Bandana Dee is as important as people make him out to be. He’s a Waddle Dee with a Bandana. The Bandana Dee fans think it means something, I personally do not. Bandana Dee’s last major role (namely, as a playable character) was in Return to Dream Land, anyway, which was a console game, so he could be justified as a Wii U exclusive trophy or AT. Custom Robo? Well, I don’t think Ray should’ve been cut at all as an AT, unless he’s being considered as a DLC candidate. However, there are more console Custom Robo games, and maybe Ray was too much for the 3DS to handle. Highly unlikely, but its a theory.

Isaac and Ridley, on the other hand. Ridley has ALWAYS had a role in Smash Bros. Ridley has been in every single Smash Bros. game to date, and there’s no reason for Smash 3DS to be the exception. Also, Golden Sun is a popular franchise, first two games sold very well, and Nintendo clearly hasn’t forgotten about the series because they’re re-releasing both the original two games on Virtual Console for Wii U. However, the series is handheld-exclusive. Maybe Ray could somewhat be justified as a Wii U exclusive AT or trophy, but Isaac? No way.

I hate to get back into speculation again, my hype for this game has already been killed. But there’s no justifiable reason to cut Golden Sun from the game entirely. None at all. Unless he’s being considered for DLC. There was another “leak” that mentioned Isaac being saved for the Wii U version, along with another character the person described, but couldn’t accurately name. After some discussion, the people who replied to the “leaker” indicated it was Lest from Rune Factory 4, kind of an odd candidate. But the leak sounds fairly believable just because of how well it was detailed.

I still don’t believe it, but I personally think this leak is more likely to be correct than the Tower of Smash one. That’s just me, though. They’re probably both wrong, but its worth noting.

The End

And that about wraps this one up, guys. I’ll provide another update if more info comes my way. In the meantime, I’ll be working on those new video series’, trying to finish up my last Lost Vikings video, getting my playthrough of RuneScape’s Plague’s End quest complete, and starting playthroughs of both Donkey Kong Land and Panel de Pon. I’ll see you around, hopefully more often now that Smash speculation is basically over.