Hey, its a JaidynReiman news update! Mid-last week, there were heavy rumors online about a Nintendo Direct taking place this week on September 13th, this upcoming Wednesday. This morning Nintendo announced it is real on social media. Of course, I’ll be ready for my live reactions. Most impressive is that its forty-five minutes long. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! Japan’s is even longer at a whopping FIFTY minutes! That’s incredible.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I think we might be seeing in it.

The Obvious Ones

First up, the obvious picks. We’ll see trailers of games releasing soon, such as Metroid: Samus Returns and Pokken Tournament. There will probably be a quick rundown of these titles. We’ll also probably see another kingdom in Mario Odyssey, which is confirmed to have a big focus in the Direct. We’ll also see Fire Emblem Warriors, more on that later.

Additional Third-Party Title Announcements

I think we’ll be seeing some additional third-party title announcements, including release dates, and perhaps just general trailers for things like Project Octopath Traveler, a title we haven’t seen since early this year. We’ll definitely get the release date of Skyrim on Switch and probably more information on Steep.

I could also see additional ports announcements. I really hope we may see a Sieken Densetsu Collection localization or Secret of Mana Remake. There’s also the teases Platinum made about Bayoneta 1/2 and Wonderful 101.

Nintendo Switch OS Updates

I think Nintendo may decide to announce OS updates for Nintendo Switch. A recent rumor has indicated that Switch might actually be getting a form of achievements system. Its hard to say whether this is true or not as it was a small-time Indie developer saying it. There is a glaringly notable thing on My Nintendo showing “Nintendo Switch” as Coming Soon, though.

First-Party Release Dates, New 2017 Titles

Next, we have to get the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Its been a long time coming. Despite what many people say, I’m confident its still coming this year. If there is a delay, though, it gets announced here for sure. I also have no doubt we get the full reveal of the contents of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 2.

Reggie also teased additional titles for Switch this year. Perhaps there’s another port we’re getting, or a small-time Mario spinoff. If we get an unannounced port this year, I think Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the most likely. Perhaps, even, a Returns and Tropical Freeze cross situation.

There’s also the next Kirby on 3DS we’ve heard nothing about, and possibly Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. I could also maybe see one other 3DS title announced for this year. But beyond this year, I think we’re pretty much done with 3DS.

For next year, I could see trailers for the known titles on Switch, namely Kirby and Yoshi.

Fire Emblem Warriors Roster

Another thing we can pretty much guarantee we see is a Fire Emblem Warriors trailer. Its releasing in two weeks in Japan, we need the rest of the information now, and a Nintendo Direct is the perfect way to do it. This will probably be the Shadow Dragon trailer we’ve been waiting for. I’ll even go over who I feel like we’re going to see.

Tiki is pretty much a guarantee, of course. But so is Caeda, there’s no way she’s getting left out. Recent information even heavily implies this, with Tecmo Koei saying in an interview that Cordelia was chosen to complement the other Pegasus Knights from the other games–note the plural there.

For the rest of the roster of Shadow Dragon, I’m thinking either Jagen or Camus, Draug, and Minerva. Draug because we need a non-mounted lancer. And Jagen and Camus because we need a cavalry lancer. We also don’t have any armors either, so Draug fills that role perfectly. Minerva is the final pick to add in another axe, and because she’s a pretty important character. If not Minerva, my thoughts are on Ogma with an axe, but I still think Minerva is more likely.

New Surprises!

Ok, for the last bit, we’ve got a massive 45-minute Direct. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t any major new surprise announced. Frankly, I think Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, or Pikmin are the most likely. Retro Studios could also announce their title, assuming it isn’t Donkey Kong. Obviously, this would be a 2018 title. Frankly, I’m mixed on Animal Crossing because I feel like that’s coming along with news on Animal Crossing mobile. But I have been hearing the Apple conference is tomorrow, so maybe Animal Crossing mobile gets announced then and Animal Crossing Switch in the Direct.

Donkey Kong and Animal Crossing are the last big core IP’s that haven’t been announced for Switch yet. I have a strong feeling Retro is working on another Donkey Kong, and they didn’t want to announce it before Metroid Prime. Either way, its probably not releasing this year. I could even see it being a 3D Donkey Kong. Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch is also another huge possibility.

What I Don’t Expect

And finally, what I don’t think we’ll be seeing. I don’t think we’ll see a surprise for any obscure Nintendo IP. Namely, I don’t think we’ll see something like Mother 3, F-Zero, Golden Sun, or anything like that. I also don’t think we’ll see Super Smash Bros. ESPECIALLY a port of Smash 4. Come on, guys, its too late for a port at this point.

Other things include Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon Switch, and Fire Emblem Switch. I don’t think we’ll get news about any of these titles, either. They’re way too far off. I’m not expecting any Virtual Console news yet, either.

I’m also not sure if we’ll see Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon, but that’s not an outright “I don’t expect it to happen.” I’m just not fully confident either way because of how fickle Pokemon Company is.

That’s A Wrap

That about wraps up my thoughts on Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. Stay tuned and Subscribe to catch my live reactions to the Nintendo Direct as per usual, or catch me on Twitter @jaidynreiman. Thank you for listening, and I hope to see you next time.